Magnetic Force Microscope MFM
Electric Force Microscope EFM


??? Several techniques in AFM rely on removing topographical information from some other signal. Magnetic force imaging and Electric force imaging work by first determining the topography along a scan line, and then lifting a pre-determined distance above the surface to re-trace the line following the contour of the surface.

??? In this way, the tip-sample distance should be unaffected by topography, and an image can be built up by recording changes which occur due to longer range force interactions, such as magnetic forces and electric force.

Lift Mode:

??? 1. Scan a line in Tapping Mode for topography.
??? 2. Back to initial of the line, tip lifting a distance and re-trace the line following the contour of the surface, effects by long-range force on tip Amplitude and Phase will be obtained.
??? 3. According to the to-be-obtained forces, exclusive cantilever must be chosen.



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