For the selective water-permeation across dense?membrane, constructing continuous pathways with highdensity
ionic groups are of critical significance for the?preferential sorption and diffusion of water molecules. In this
study, zwitterionic graphene oxides ([email protected]) nanosheets?were prepared and incorporated into sodium alginate
(SA) membrane for efficient water permeation and water/?alcohol separation. The two-dimensional GO provides
continuous pathway, while the high-density zwitterionicgroups on GO confer electrostatic interaction sites with
water molecules, leading to high water affinity and ethanol?repellency. The simultaneous optimization of the physical and?chemical structures of water transport pathway on zwitterionic GO surface endows the membrane with high-efficiency water?permeation. Using dehydration of water/alcohol mixture as the model system, the nanohybrid membranes [email protected] exhibit much higher separation performance than the SA membrane and the nanohybrid membrane utilizing?unmodified GO as filler (with the optimal permeation flux of 2140 g m?2 h?1, and separation factor of 1370). The study indicates?the great application potential of zwitterionic graphene materials in dense water-permeation membranes and provides a facile?approach to constructing efficient water transport pathway in membrane.


Jing Zhao,Yiwei Zhu,Guangwei He,Ruisi Xing,Fusheng Pan,Zhongyi Jiang,Peng Zhang,Xingzhong Cao,and Baoyi Wang.


ACS Appl.Mater.Interfaces,8(3),2097-2103(2016)

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